Papa Chocolat= worst chocolate & worst service ever

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I went to the factory at Bow Bottom Trail and had an older very rude woman who could hardly speak English send me to the Willow Park Village(couldn't even tell me in English how to get there) store. So I went to Willow Park Village and had another older fat blond lady with an accent serve me, very rude again. Bernard Callebaut must like the foreigners because any other business would have fired these two for rude arrogant behaviour alone to customers, who knows what their work ethic is like.

I bought an assortment of chocolate and ended up with short grey hair sticking out of two chocolates. Last I knew, chocolates did not come with short grey hair. Does anyone not do quality control there?

I phoned to complain and they did nothing about it. So I thought maybe it was just bad luck and gave this place one last try. I went in Christmas Eve and bought his yule log. OMG, the plastic inside the log was covered in fingerprints. What is going on with this place? If I could give it a star rating it would be ZERO. This place is ordinary. I have travelled back and forth from Europe for a few years now and all I can say if Canada thinks this is good chocolate they should go to Europe and there is top quality stuff there. The sign outside the shop says 5 generations of chocolate making. Did his relatives teach him this type of business ethics? No wonder he went bankrupt in his old business. I would be surprised if this was still in business in 6 months from now.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #825495

tried 3 x's to like this "new" venture by b and f callebaut. 2 farmers markets and one at the store.

each time service was terrible. the wife francesca was berating some poor employee at both the store and when i was at the simons valley farmers market.

quality is poor, service is inadequate and the owners are awful people. dont fall for the ol' bernard grin and mr magoo affectations or his wifes phony accent, both are crooks.


I went to Papa Chocolat today and I can tell you - it is DELICIOUS! The store is clean, friendly, and the chocolate - by far the best in the city.

I'll be going here from now on. As far as all the rest of you; way to go, kick a guy while he's down. There's no merit to those comments AT ALL. I call *** on every single one of them.

Oh and for the record - I'm from Europe. I've had chocolate from everywhere. Pathetic that some ignoramus from the US is comparing to Lindt.

Oh and to the *** who needed directions to Willow Park - enough said. LOL


The fat blonde lady is rude when she serves you, I am surprised she doesn't get fired...oh wait...I think that is Bernards wife

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #585610

Thrilled that the new owners - that Cococo group has taken over. The quality of the product is remarkable.

Derrek the new Chocolatier is amazing, creative and far more innovative than the Papa guy.

Plus, it really matters to me that all of those jobs were saved, and that they support community charities.

I will never support that Papa guy - he, from my research - including the court ruling etc - is a criminal. Love the new Cococo.

to brandy #613907

The papa guy is a charlatan. I know for a fact he cannot even temper chocolate as my husband used to work for him.

I think he just trades on his name Callebaut...put him up against Derrek and the papa guy would be lost. He just smiles but with no substance.

Whoever said the original complaint was bull should go into other shops and taste what real chocolate tastes like. Funny thing is that papa chocolate does not even use Callebaut chocolate, uses one from Italy.


When I went to try this chocolate, there ws a hair stuck in the chocolate...gross

Cusick, Washington, United States #430690

I tried it and I yhought I was going to throw up. I think the ingredients were off. There was a bad odor.

Cusick, Washington, United States #429734

this chocolate is disgusting, bad flavour and too expensive for what you get. Would not recommend to anyone. Better off buying Lindt

to Jeremy Calgary, Alberta, Canada #950957

Stacey and Jeremy it appears are the same person. Slander is a crime you know.

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